Music for Strings and Beyond

My goals for Sound Post Creations are to enhance the cello playing experience for musicians of varying skill levels, to bring fun to play and rewarding arrangements and compositions to cellists all over the world, and to bring to cellists music that would never come across their stands. For example, my all-cello arrangement for the Bach Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 brings thematic material to cellists that they would never see because it is pretty much played solely by the violin section.

My experience in playing with community-based cello choirs is that there are often some very good cellists willing to join in, as well as other cellists still on their learning curve. I arrange and composing with this in mind, giving all parts their own challenges. The higher parts can be very high on the cello, into thumb position and beyond, the lower parts will have interesting elements, including fun rhythms, such as the habanera beat in a tango or thematic material on the C-string, which is a very power place to put themes if you ask me. So, I write my compositions and arrangements to be inclusive for most cellists, to hold their interests. Even after a dozen or so cello choirs, playing all my compositions and arrangements, they are still coming enthusiastically.

Playing in a cello choir is not an easy undertaking. Having a bunch of bass instruments in the same room is a true test of ensemble. You may not get the true effect of the cello choirs without having a few run-throughs and even a few rehearsals. Plan to have a concert. Cello choirs are hot these days. There's something very appealing to see a bunch of cellists on stage and combining their wonderful tones.

Enjoy the music I offer. If you have feedback, positive, negative, or neutral, write to me.

Happy Cello-ing.